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About Sandra D. Chavez

My path into dietetics began with a return to school; I was drawn to the Dietetics field after taking an introductory course in Nutrition. I lost my grandfather at a young age due to chronic disease complications. From this loss and the new knowledge from my Nutrition class, I decided the course of my life was leading toward a career where I can help others find a healthy, sustainable, and affordable diet. 

Growing up in a family of five we were no strangers to food insecurity in my younger years. I have learned the value of hard work from my parents who worked tirelessly to provide our family with a home and nutritious meals. This is the work ethic I have brought to my studies and past career. 

I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and when I am not in the library studying, I can be found cooking with my husband, training for half-marathons, and visiting my family and Disneyland in Anaheim.

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